Buy company in Estonia with license for cryptocurrency exchange and wallet

In Estonia You can obtain 2 types of cryptocurrency licenses:

  • License to change cryptocurrency to fiat
  • License for cryptocurrency wallet services

Why Estonia

0% income tax on retained and reinvested profits.

Most advanced electronic government services in the world 

Government highly involved into cryptoindustry and loyal

Price for license is much cheaper than in other countries

Estonia is a part of EU. You will have EU based cryptocompany

Requirements for applying for a license

Shareholders and company directors should have a good background in IT and / or finance business.

No criminal record

Steps to get license

The whole process is divided into 4 stages and takes approximately 3 months:

  • Collection of necessary documents from the applicant
  • Receiving an e-residency card for a future member of the company.
  • Company Registration in Estonia
  • Applying for a license


E-residency card application – 150 euro (includes government fee)

Company registration – 250 euros (includes government fee)

Legal address and contact person in Estonia – 400 euro / year

Application for a single license – 2200 euro

Application for two licenses – 4,000 euros

Governement for one license – 345 euros

Price for full package is 5200 4500 EUR

Your save up to 700 EUR

Buy now and save 700 EUR

Or choose separate service


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There shall be at least one director and one shareholder in the company with any residence and citizenship. All members of the company shall provide detailed description of their professional background (CV). For successful application, all members shall have strong background in the field of finances or IT.

All members shall provide evidence of no criminal record. Document shall be translated to Estonian. Translation price of one documents included to the price of application. If there are more than one member, price for additional translations will be invoiced separately.

After payment, our consultants will contact You to negotiate following steps.

First we will help to prepare and submit application for Estonian e-residence card. This card will be used to incorporate new company and to apply for cryptolicenses. Later You can use card to access all the electronic services of Estonia. Card shall be collected in Estonian embassy in person. Please check that You can visit Estonian embassy. Full list of Estonian embassies can be found on Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website HERE.

After card is received, we will start company incorporation. Company will be ready in 3 hours average.

When company registered there is last step to apply for license and wait it’s approve. We will help to prepare all application documents.

Our prices don’t include government fee for license. 345 EUR need to be paid for each license separately

We guarantee that we will perform all relevant work to apply for license. But we can’t guarantee that it will be approved. Final decision make Estonian government office. If it will be rejected, we will return 50% of consulting fee related to cryptolicenses application. But we want to clarify, that we haven’t got rejects before.